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Fun Activities for the Whole Family on a Boat Charter

There’s nothing better than spending time aboard a charter boat with loved ones. Today’s luxury boats offer a lot to keep the whole family entertained. Most of you are probably aware of the events to keep the visitors entertained. Floaties, fishing, swimming, scuba diving, and delectable dinners are just a few popular pastimes. Is your […]

Seven Questions to Ask Before Choosing A Luxury Yacht for Your Party

Have a party soon? Tourists from all over the world flock to Dubai, making it a popular destination. If you’re in Dubai simultaneously, here is your opportunity to enjoy the adrenaline of a luxury boat party. The cost of a rental yacht cruise in Dubai may be out of reach for many people, but it’s […]

Handy Tips to Ensure Everyone’s Safety on The Yacht

There’s nothing like spending a long weekend on the water with your family and friends, enjoying the warm sun and the crisp, refreshing breeze. It is possible to hire a luxury yacht in Dubai Marina and have an experience you will remember for the rest of your life. However, safety is the most important consideration […]

Tips to Not Get Bored on Your Chartered Yacht

Whether you go with your family or want to be alone, yacht vacations provide the most interesting and exciting weekend getaways. As dawn breaks, you see the sunrise, and as evening draws in, you witness the sunset. It’s an exhilarating experience and one of the most enjoyable things. Yacht rental Dubai is most fun when […]

Beginner’s Guide: What to Take on a Sailing Trip

What do you need to bring for a sailing vacation? We’ve compiled a handy list, so you don’t have to. There are no hotel check-ins, traveling from place to place, or packing and unpacking your luggage every time you do so on a sailing trip. Yacht rental Dubai is something alot of people highly recommend. […]

Dining on Deck: Seven Perfect Foods on the Sea Voyage

Yacht rental Dubai and If so, why are you creeping up on your boat with food in hand? Is this the first time you’ve been here? Before embarking on a voyage, we’ve put up a list of useful hints for filling your larder. Private yacht hire in Dubai Marina is also easily accessible via a […]