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DJ on the Yacht

Whether you want to plan a corporate yacht event, a birthday party, wedding anniversary, New Year’s celebration, or a bachelorette party, music is the most vital aspect of your event. Music and sound systems can make or break the event you’re hosting. The perfect music and sound system keep your guests involved and makes your event more interesting.

If the playlist at your event is not interesting, your guests will get bored. Imagine having a bachelorette or birthday party with slow and dull music; does it make sense?

Live DJ

Hosting an event on a luxury yacht needs the perfect music selection and sound system to get your guests in the right mood. Dubriani –a leading yacht rental company, offers professional onboard DJ service to add more colours to your events and parties. We at Dubriani strive to provide our guests with a brilliant DJ and reliable sound system to add joy and character to your event and parties.

Book a luxurious yacht party with Dubriani and make some memories with your loved ones on open seas!

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Ideal DJ Yacht Services

If you’re looking for reliable yacht rental corporations in Dubai that can facilitate you with professional onboard DJ services, then look no further. Dubriani, the leading yacht charter agency in Dubai, has covered you. We at Dubriani ensure that the preferences of our guests are nicely addressed. 

The onboard DJ services at Dubriani help entertain your guests with melody. Our professional DJ is experienced enough to select the perfect type of music according to the nature of your event. They help to keep your guests engaged and entertained. Whether you host a bachelorette party, birthday bash, wedding reception, or corporate event, the professional DJ service of Dubriani will take it on fire by playing rhythmic sounds. 

A professional DJ and reliable sound system can add more colours to your cruising experience. We at Dubriani put our guests’ satisfaction higher than anything else. If you want to play something special at your event/party, you can suggest your aspirations to our DJ; they will love to hear. The expert crew members at Dubriani work hard to provide you and your guests with maximum entertainment. Our yacht party packages include professional DJs, belly dancers, and sound systems to add more fun and glamour to your event. 

Benefits of a Professional DJ

If you want to plan a spectacular event on a luxury yacht, the main aspect you need to consider is hiring a professional DJ and a reliable sound system. A professional DJ with extraordinary skills can read the mood of your guests and provide them with a rocking party. Hiring a professional disk jockey can provide you with the following benefits;

  • Great Selection of Music 

A professional DJ has a great selection of songs to complement the invitees’ interests. They can provide you with customized tunes to create a great party ambience. Keeping the party floor plumping requires a range of music from hip-hop to pop. An experienced DJ has special abilities to make the transitions at their fingertips to put your event on fire. The energetic and upbeat classic tunes will take you and your guests on a rhythmic journey. 

  • Saves Time

Your DJ works as a sound engineer and takes over the control of your party. Hiring a professional DJ means having your filler, MC, and lightning person on the go. They save you from compiling a playlist on your own. They play rhythmic tunes according to the party’s taste. Professional DJs ensure that your event runs smoothly by playing your favourite sounds. 

  • Fun

With a professional DJ, you can enjoy and have ultimate fun at your party. Because a disk jockey saves you from sitting in front of a laptop and trying to keep your guests entertained all night. A DJ has special abilities to read the mind of your guests and tap into the vibes of your event. 

  • Peace of Mind

Creating a playlist on your own can take much time and effort. A professional DJ can handle every entertainment concern of your event, leaving you with peace of mind. 

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Why Should You Hire Dubriani’s DJ Service?

We at Dubriani offer top-notch DJ services to add your favourite colours to your event. We offer;

  • Well-organized and professional DJ services to bring a unique flair to your event.
  • DJs with amazing creative skills to provide you with melodic music.

We work with alot of popular DJ’s, male and female.

Get a well-organized event on a yacht

We offer all-inclusive, fair, and transparent services. Most of our luxury yachts charge one set hourly rate.
Hidden fees don’t exist, and no additional fee is taken by our crew.

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5-Star Professional DJ Services

Our 5-star DJ services include a range of playlists filled with melodious tunes to keep your guests involved and the dance floor busy. Dubriani’s professional DJs can deliver clear images, finest quality footage with biography, and slideshows to make the event more enjoyable. 

Frequently Ask Questions

When you choose Dubriani’s DJ service, we ask you about your favorite songs / albums so our DJs can play your preferred tunes. 

We at Dubriani are determined to provide you with fantastic DJ entertainment packages, including sound systems, photo booths and lighting. 

Dubriani offers a complete array of services such as a sound system, lighting, professional DJ, and excellent catering to make your onboard events more exciting. Dubriani’s professional DJ service ensures hosting a party and planning a wedding unique and special. Our expert event coordinators can manage everything on their own. You must share your needs and aspirations with Dubriani, and we will perfectly manage the rest.

The costs are depending on the duration, 4 hours will be 2500-3000 AED but some DJ’s charge more.

Absolutely, we have amazing saxophone artist who perform on yachts every week. Contact us for more information.

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We are the #1 yacht charter company in Dubai, with the widest collection of private yachts and well experienced crew.

Creating the best day on the water possible for you is what we love to do.

Other Services

Catering Services

Yacht catering services are the most important component to make your onboard events unforgettable. We at Dubriani carefully understand your aspirations and provide customized yacht catering services. Our exclusive yacht catering packages include everything you need to make your cruising more exciting.

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DJ Services

DJ services and sound systems can undoubtedly make or break your onboard event. Whether you want to organize an onboard corporate event, wedding reception, or birthday bash, Dubriani can provide you with 5-star DJ services to add more colours to your event. The professional DJs at Dubriani have been in the market for years. They know how to keep your guests involved and the party floor plump.

Wedding Celebrations

Can anything be more beautiful than celebrating your big day on the deep blue sea with your loved ones? Planning an onboard wedding celebration is one of the amazing ways to make your special event a day to remember and cherish. Dubriani can provide you with excellent onboard wedding celebration packages to help you to make your wedding day more delightful.