Charter a Yacht with Bitcoin

Charter a Yacht with Bitcoin

Rent a Yacht with Crypto

We believe Bitcoin is the future of global currency. As a digital driven company we now accept payment in crypto for yacht charter.

Pay with crypto

Accepting Bitcoin fits perfectly with our principles and supports inclusivity, especially for the millenial generation of charter guests who are often more comfortable with a decentralized currency.

When you contact us, let us know that you want to pay for the charter using cryptocurrency. Dubriani accepts all secure cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ether, USDT, etc.) without a limit.

Charter a Yacht and pay with Cryptocurrency

Rent a Yacht and pay with Bitcoin in Dubai

What are cryptocurrencies, and how do they work?

Cryptocurrencies are electronic currency, digital money, and a way of making digital transactions. They’re kept in digital wallets. The most well-known is Bitcoin and Ether. Cryptocurrencies may be used for trading, investing, and paying by a rising number of merchants throughout the globe.

What is Bitcoin (BTC), and how does it work?

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency, and it is from this that all others have developed. Bitcoin is an “internet payment network” that is decentralized. Bitcoin is not produced, no one owns or controls it, and anybody may participate. It is based on the blockchain technology idea. Learn all there is to know about Bitcoin.

What is Ether (ETH), and how does it work?

Next to bitcoin, Ether is the most widely used cryptocurrency. It resides on the Ethereum blockchain and, in comparison to bitcoin, has a broader scope, owing to smart contracts that allow a variety of novel blockchain services. Learn more about Ether.

What does this imply for our clients?

This means you may pay for all of our services, including yacht charter, private trips, and rentals, in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, using bitcoin. You may use the Crypto “electronic currency system” to pay for your private yacht, Luxury Yachts, motor, private excursion, or luxury car.

Dubriani makes bitcoin acceptance easy, secure, and fast. It accepts Bitcoin, Ether, Stellar, Ripple, Ethereum, and USD coin as payment methods.

Benefits of Using Cryptocurrency for Payment

The bitcoin technology is trustworthy and secure for both buyers and sellers. Compared to typical payment methods like credit cards, transactions are swift, and commissions are substantially cheaper. The whole payment procedure may be completed without any physical interaction.

Unlike conventional payment systems, where payments take many days to appear, the money is instantaneously apparent. This speeds up and streamlines the whole booking process.

Cryptocurrencies, being a real global payment method, have no geographical limitations. Tourists and business travelers are particularly interested in cryptocurrency since it eliminates the need to visit exchange offices to pay for services and goods in whatever nation they visit.

USDT acceptedAED5,300/ hourly
Pershing Yacht Charter USDT acceptedAED5,000/ hourly
yacht charter dubai USDT acceptedAED2,400/ hourly
USDT acceptedAED17,000/ hourly
sunseeker yacht charter USDT acceptedAED6,500/ hourly
USDT acceptedAED1,800/ hourly
yacht charter cryto dubai

How to charter a Yacht with Crypto?

In 2014, there was a demand for bitcoins to pay for luxury products.. As a pioneer in the yachting business, Dubriani announced the first bitcoin charter in 2018. Dubai’s first Bitcoin-booked charter was completed in June 2018. This cleared the door for more people to enjoy crypto yacht charters.

Adopting bitcoin to purchase or hire a boat makes sense because of the cheap transaction costs, quick transfer, and secrecy. Dubriani’s customers benefit from the option to accept a variety of currencies, including bitcoin, and disburse the cash in US dollars.

“We need to be there and accessible to all possible customers in all markets,” Eli said, “and if a client wants to pay with Bitcoin, we’re positioned to execute the transaction.”

Step 1: Get in touch with your charter broker.

First and foremost, contact your charter broker if you’re interested in scheduling a luxury yacht charter in Dubai or the Arabian sea. Dubriani has a fantastic charter crew eager to assist customers in booking the most luxurious excursions possible. Maria and Evelina are two brokers who can help you book charters in Dubai, Marbella, and other destinations.

Tell your charter broker that you wish to pay for the experience using cryptocurrencies when you contact them. Dubriani accepts all cryptocurrencies without restriction (bitcoin, ethereum, usdt, and so forth).

Step 2: Make a payment.

After assisting you in selecting the finest boat and place for your adventure, your charter broker will give you an invoice for payment. You will get an invoice from your charter broker, and you may opt to pay with one of your wallets. Your invoice will be delivered at a fixed exchange rate with a 1% transaction charge.

Step 3: Relax and enjoy your yacht charter.

Let the good times roll. It’s time to start packing once you’ve paid for your boat hire using cryptocurrency. Before boarding, you’ll fill out a preference document that includes dietary restrictions, preferred cuisine, beverage selections, and special requests. The crew will have an easier time preparing for your charter if you are more exact. We also suggest informing the captain ahead of time about the things you want to perform so that you can plan an engaging schedule.

All inclusive

We offer all-inclusive, fair, and transparent services. Most of our luxury yachts charge one set hourly rate. Hidden fees don’t exist, and no additional fee is taken by our crew.

Our highly professional crew can arrange a personalized dining menu, itinerary, and other activities for you. Our yacht captains are highly experienced in guest safety, and they know every aspect of the voyage and vessel. They are reliable and capable of controlling the most pressurized situations and leading the other crewmates. Our yachts are a safe place for your family and children.

Dubai trip is uncompleted without trying out water sports. The beaches of the Dubai marina are the perfect choice for water sports such as donut rides, jet-ski, knee-boarding, and many more.

Our supercharged JetSki  helps you to see the Palm Jumeirah and the Arabian sea from an entirely different perspective.


Yacht For Rent in Dubai. 

Pay with Bitcoin or Ether for your

Luxury Yacht Charter in Dubai

Our yachts offer spacious and comfortable accommodations, with private cabins that provide a sanctuary for rest and relaxation. Delight in the convenience of having all your needs attended to by a dedicated crew, leaving you with nothing to do but enjoy your yacht charter.

We offer a range of charter durations, from day trips to extended voyages, so you can tailor your experience to your desired timeframe.

Dubai has got everything a fascinating Dubai marina, the elite and exquisite infrastructure, the iconic Burj Al Arab, and Palm Jumeirah; all these things make it a holistic scene for traveling and having fun. Sailing across the water with delicious food and drink is no less than a blessing. 

Dubriani is the leading yacht rental company in Dubai; embark on a mesmerizing and unforgettable voyage on a luxury yacht with us. We provide yachts for both daily and hourly rent that facilitate you with an ultimate yachting experience. We rigorously inspect every yacht to ensure that when you find your ideal match, it exceeds every expectation.

If you want a fantastic yachting experience on a luxury yacht rental in Dubai with fun, professionalism, and unparalleled luxury, don’t delay any further and confirm your yacht with Dubriani!

Share your voyage with us through social media and create envy-inducing posts as you explore the world’s most beautiful destinations.


How much does renting a yacht cost in Dubai?

Renting a yacht in Dubai is extremely cheap compared to other cities in the world. When booking a yacht with Dubriani the prices are unlike other places always including fuel and crew. There are no hidden costs and prices start at 750 AED per hour. Its possible to add extra services to your yacht trip like hostesses, waiters and a live chef.

A venue can make or break the life of your party, and we are here to provide you with the best one! We are offering top-notch quality yachts in Dubai to add magical effects to your events. You can get a luxury yacht for any event such as a birthday party, family gathering, corporate event, etc. You can get a fully customized package with your specifications and demands. We can provide the best flower arrangements, custom decoration, red carpet welcome, and a host of other elite-class services on our luxury yachts at Dubai Marina.

We can provide your group with DJ and barbecue grill stands if needed. Make your wedding, birthday party, or customized occasions more impressive and unforgettable with Dubriani.

Our yachts are meticulously maintained and equipped with the latest technology, ensuring a safe and enjoyable voyage.

Choose from a range of watersports, from wakeboarding to snorkeling, to add excitement to your yacht charter adventure.