Dubai Yacht Rental

Dubai Yacht Rental

Do want to rent a yacht Dubai? Then, you need to look no further because Dubriani offers some of the best yachts out there. If you want to explore Dubai’s waterfront in luxury, our extensive range of yachts has got you covered. Hop aboard our yacht and enjoy everything UAE’s coastline has to offer. You will be delighted to know that we strive to provide the ultimate experience to our clients.

Explore the Best of Dubai

There is just something about exploring Dubai on water. It allows you to see the city from a completely different perspective. Nothing beats the gorgeous waters of the coastline. No matter which type of vacation you want to have, riding a yacht is just what you need. At Dubriani, we take our clients on a journey that they never will forget. Watch Atlantis the Palm, Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, Sheikh Island, Dubai Marina, and more when you book our yacht. You get to decide which parts of the city you want to explore. Otherwise, we can plan the entire trip for you.

When you choose us for a yacht ride in Dubai, you get to embark on a journey of a lifetime. It beats everything that you have done in the city. Spend the best time in Dubai by chartering a yacht. There is nothing quite like it. You will get to experience everything that the city has to offer while you set sail. We go out of our way to show the best parts of the coastline so that you can capture the best pictures for Instagram.

Unforgettable Time

A Dubai yacht rental allows you to visit the iconic attractions and landmarks that the city is known for. You and your friends will have an unforgettable time when you aboard our yacht. We make sure that you are fully satisfied with the experience. Nothing is more important to us than planning the perfect trip for you. All you have to do is let us know what you expect from the service and we will go the extra mile to make it a reality. We just want you to have the time of your life so that you can always remember the experience.

As the wind blows over your face, you will forget all your troubles and will feel excited about all the possibilities in life. Hop on our yacht for a phenomenal time. We will perfect everything for you so that you do not have to deal with anything. Our team will discuss the itinerary with you so that you know what to expect. You can either book our yacht by the hour or the day.

High Quality Service

At Dubriani, we are committed to providing a high quality service to our clients. Despite our jaw-dropping Dubai Marina yacht ride price, we never compromise on quality. In fact, we regularly train our staff to ensure that they know how to take care of you. In addition to this, our yachts are designed to provide an amazing time. Only the best yachts are provided to clients so that they experience what luxury should feel like. Our staff provides VIP treatment and is always prepared to take on all your requirements. There is nothing that we will not do for you.

If you want to ensure that you receive a high quality service, Dubriani should be on the top of your mind. Our yachts are maintained and regularly checked. Therefore, you do not have to stress about anything. Our yacht captain is highly professional and has driven countless yachts. It is due to this reason that you can rely on our service.

Arrange Everything

There is nothing that you need to know when you choose Dubriani for a yacht ride in Dubai. Hop on a yacht Dubai Marina without having to plan anything. We can arrange everything for you, from food to buffet to live DJ and more. Known for providing a wide range of entertainment options, you will find our service to be just what you need. Once we know what you want, we will handle everything. Ride the best yacht out there when you book one from us.

Our main goal is to provide a service that you come to love. This is why you should feel free to let us know everything that you want. We will strive to make it a reality. Choosing the number one Dubai yacht rental allows you to receive a complete service. As a one-stop destination for water activities, we make sure that you have a ton of fun when you book our service.

Places We Cover

Whether you want to book a Dubai Marina yacht tour or any other type of tour, we are your best option for Dubai yacht tour. We cover all the iconic destinations so that you do not miss out on having a great time. Here are some of the places we cover.

  • Burj Al Arab
  • Burj Khalifa
  • Palm Jumeirah
  • Atlantis the Palm
  • Dubai Marina
  • Kite Beach
  • Jumeirah Beach Residence
  • La Mer
  • Dubai Creek

In addition to the above, we also take our clients to the surrounding islands. If you have a place in mind, we will take you there. It does not get better than this. As we are the experts of yacht services, we know all the hottest spots and will take you there so that you see the true beauty of the city.

Boat Services

Dubriani provides a wide range of boat services. No matter which type of boat service you might require, we are here for you.

Yacht Party Event

Throw a memorable yacht party event with Dubriani. We will make sure that your friends are impressed by the event. There is nothing better than a yacht party event. It is the main deal. Your friends will get to enjoy a truly amazing experience when you book a yacht party event.

Wedding Party

Have the best wedding party with Dubriani. We have hosted hundreds of wedding parties and know what works. After we have discussed which type of wedding party you want to throw, we will go out of our way to host the perfect wedding party for you. Show your love to your partner and let the world know just how happy you are when you choose our service.

Proposal Event

Are you planning to propose to your girlfriend? Dubriani can help you get a “yes” from her so that you can start the next chapter of your life. We will set the perfect stage so that you can get down on your knees and let her know just how crazy you are about her.

There is no need for you to feel nervous because we will show your partner just how much they mean to you so that they have no trouble saying “yes” and putting on the ring. Our proposal events have been a success and have forged plenty of relationships.

Business Event

Host the best corporate event with Dubriani. We will host the ultimate business event so that you can negotiate with your business partners and get to see your side of the story. In addition to this, you can even take your team on a yacht tour to bond with them and boost productivity. A yacht tour is just what they need to have the time of their life. Business events require something extra and we are here to make it possible.

Birthday Yacht Party

Celebrate your loved one or friend’s birthday by booking our Yacht Tour Dubai Marina. When you rent our yacht, you get to show just how much the other person means to you and how important it is for them to have the best time. With our birthday yacht party, your loved one or friend would feel cherished. There is nothing as important as birthdays. Hence, you need to book our yacht to throw a birthday party that they will never forget.

NYE Event

New Year’s Eve is epic in Dubai. The best way to watch the fireworks in Dubai is by booking our yacht. It will provide you with extraordinary views that will ensure that you start your New Year right. Hop aboard our yacht and witness just how beautiful the city look with fireworks at the top. You can book our midnight service to take in the beauty of the city. It is one of our most popular yacht tours.

Contact Us

Rent the right Dubai Luxury yacht with Dubriani. We are here to provide all types of options so that you can decide which type of yacht to aboard. Our team will discuss your requirements so that they know what you are looking for. Then, we will make sure that you get the yacht of your dreams. Even if you have never been on a yacht, we will explain everything to you so that you can have a fabulous time. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to learn more about yacht rental Dubai and book one.



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