This Ramadan, Safely Break Your Fast on A Yacht

Celebrate Ramadan on A Yacht

Ramadan, the Islamic holy month, is known for its spirituality and tranquility. However, it is also well-known for its wide range of delectable cuisine and welcoming atmosphere. It’s that time of the month when people worldwide gather with family and friends to celebrate in a variety of ways. Even in Dubai, people have various options for making iftar a genuinely memorable event. This article will show you how to securely break your fast with your loved ones on board a luxury boat. This once-in-a-lifetime adventure will leave you with lasting memories.

On a Yacht to Celebrate

There is no better way to celebrate the spirit of Ramadan than by chartering a luxury yacht, which will make everyone feel exceptionally special, whether it is an intimate Iftar with your family or an exclusive business get-together. You have the option of preparing your delicious meal or hiring a private chef to cook a delectable meal for you.

Take in the Views

As the sun sets and the glow of the setting sun strikes the tall towers, take in the amazing and stunning vistas Dubai has to offer. Nothing is more reassuring and peaceful than breaking your fast with your loved ones at your side, diving into a delectable meal while passing past the city’s awe-inspiring, renowned structures. Sharing a meal with family and friends adds to the joy and meaning of this great season.

An environment that is both clean and hygienic

The highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene have been maintained since the announcement of yachts and yacht rental services resuming operations. Compared to other locations and areas, yachts are considerably easier to clean and sterilize. Every element of the ship is properly sanitized, from the rooms to the decks and personnel areas. In reality, the boats are cleaned before and after each trip, ensuring that visitors may break their fast in a clean and safe atmosphere while spending meaningful time with their families. Sail away with your family on a peaceful and enjoyable experience this Ramadan.

The crew follows safety Protocols.

Given the epidemic, many people may be unsure whether chartering a yacht in Dubai is the correct move. Let us assure you that it is one of the safest places to be, where you and your loved ones may unwind and feel secure. With the new laws limiting the number of passengers to five, you can enjoy complete solitude with your family and avoid having to interact with the general public. The captain and crew adhere to tight standards and observe all established sanitary laws and regulations. Furthermore, the crew has been reduced to a bare minimum to avoid constant touch with passengers.

Boat of the week for breaking your fast is our Haigan 96 luxury yacht

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