7 Questions to Ask before Choosing a Luxury Yacht for Your Party

Questions to Ask before Choosing a Luxury Yacht

Dubai is highly preferred by tourists internationally due to its ultra-modern architectural design, mesmerizing night scenes, and attractive places. All the seasons are good for traveling to Dubai, but people prep their bags to leave for Dubai, especially in the summers. Dubai tours and parties seem uncompleted without having a yachting experience.

It is difficult for most of us to buy a private yacht for organizing parties and get-togethers, but you can charter a yacht that can add more colors to your events. The blinding light of Burj Khalifa, the glowing ways of Palm Jumeirah, and the amazing blue water are all waiting for you to dive your feet in the water and enjoy an unforgettable yachting experience.

If you plan a Dubai tour or want to arrange a party in Dubai, you just need to look for a luxury charter yacht. Yacht rental Dubai can make your corporate events, birthday parties, and other enjoyable and unforgettable events. Yacht chartering is one of the preferred ways to arrange an enticing party for family and friends in Dubai Marina. Still, the reality of choosing an ideal yacht is really bothersome.

A lot of companies in Dubai provide yacht rental services; each one has yachts of different sizes and styles. Here are some pretty important questions you need to ask before exploring the price of a yacht tour in Dubai to meet all your needs and wishes.

What Type of Yacht will be a Perfect Match for My Event?

It is one of the most important questions before chartering a boat from any luxury yacht rental. This question helps you choose the yacht crew and model accurately based on your desires and needs. Mainly two types of yachts are offered by the different boat rentals in Dubai: bareboat yachts and skippered yachts.

Bareboat Yacht

This type of yacht is a perfect choice for spending some quality time with family in solitude and comfort.

Skippered Yachts

Skippered boats are good for arranging a corporate event or birthday party because this type comes with a crew and several staff options to choose from.

How many people can you accommodate in our desired yacht?

Luxury yachts come in different sizes and shapes; some look like a cruise, while some are small charted yachts. So, whenever you approach any luxury yacht rentals in Dubai, it is crucial to ask how many people you can accommodate at a time. Most luxury yachts can accommodate 1000 guests. You can select anyone according to your need and requirements.

If you’re planning to arrange an event only with a family member, you won’t need a yacht capable of handling hundreds of people. Still, if you want to arrange a corporate event or a birthday party, you’ll require completely different services.

What Kind Of Entertainment Services Will Be Provided With Yacht Chartering?

Like Dubriani-Yacht Rental Dubai, most yacht rental companies offer different ways to have fun during yachting. Most famous packages include donut rides, Jet Ski, deep-sea fishing, and other water sports. You can ask for your favorite package to make your yachting experience more enjoyable.

What Type Of Crew Comes With Rental Boats?

As we mentioned above, different luxury yachts come with different types of crews. For instance, choosing a skippered yacht rather than a bareboat will require a completely different crew and services. It is important to ask about the crew before renting a yacht in Dubai.

If you’re planning to arrange a big, formal event, you need to go all out on the crew. The experienced yacht rentals team will manage everything, including cleaning and serving food and beverages. You don’t need to do anything yourself if you go with more crew members.

If you want to arrange a simple vacation with your family or partner, you just need a few crewmen to handle everything.

Can We Take The Boat To Our Desired Locations?

Do you have any specific location in your mind where you want to go on your yachting trip? Yacht rentals in Dubai allow you to take the boat to your dream destination, such as Jumeirah beach. A private yacht charter is more comfortable and allows you to spend quality time with your loved ones at your dream destinations.

You can also ask how much time you will need to come back from your dream destination and how far you’ll need to sail before reaching your desired point? All this information helps you to know how big your chartered yacht needs to be and for how long you need to rent it.

Ask About The Internet Connection And Cell Reception

Before renting a yacht, it is the most important thing to ask about because people want to click selfies and prefer to post them on different social platforms at every event. Most boat rental companies

Provide you with a satellite phone onboard if you want to venture away from your cell phone while exploring open waters. If you want to host a small party near the shore, you probably have your normal cell service.

Try to go with such a yacht rental that offers onboard satellite phones because it’ll be your safest bet during yachting.

What are the things we need to carry on the yacht?

If you have your first yachting experience, always make sure to pack well. Of course, if you’re going to arrange a big event, crew members will manage everything, but don’t forget to put all the required things with you, such as cover-ups, bathing suits, sunblocks, and some casual clothes the day after.

You’re going to spend a decent amount of money on yachting; that’s why; it is necessary to ask all the things mentioned above before signing any dotted line. Don’t leave anything out because you deserve everything perfect and well-managed!

So if you are looking for the most reliable and professional yacht rental Dubai experience, we are here to make it possible for you. Get in touch with us to learn more about it.


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