Bachelorette Party Yacht dubai

Bachelorette Party Yacht

Is your best buddy getting married in a few months, and you want to throw a memorable bachelorette bash to make their final fling more delightful? Are you looking for unique ideas for your bachelorette party, but nothing is coming to mind? Worry no more; Dubriani has got you covered.

You might be planning to celebrate your last few days being single at a restaurant, hotel, or park, but what about hosting your bachelorette party on a luxurious yacht? Undoubtedly, celebrating getting married to your friends on a luxurious yacht is one of the best ways to make your party magnificent. Book a yacht with Dubriani and make the time before your special day amazing by celebrating it with your best buddies on a lavishly decorated yacht.

An Ideal Bachelorette Party Yacht

We at Dubriani offer luxury yachts for your bachelorette party to entertain your guests. Being the more trusted yachts charters in Dubai, we ensure your and your guests’ proper safety and well-being. The Dubriani’s professional DJ wills set the party atmosphere on fire. We at Dubriani allow you to enjoy a whole array of delightful music, dance, delicious food and drinks. Whether you want to dive into the blue waters with your friends or relax on a comfy sofa, we will ensure your all aspirations are perfectly addressed.

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Host a Themed Bachelorette with Special People

Plan a themed bachelorette bash to enjoy the last few moments of being single with your best buddies while enjoying the marvellous views of the deep blue sea. You can use the following themed party ideas to get every guest onboard for the yacht party day.

Enjoying your bachelorette boat party with your best buddies while experiencing the mesmerizing views of Dubai Marina is an amazing way to say goodbye to your single life and welcome the jitters of your married life. The luxury yachts at Dubriani are equipped with all amenities required to provide you and your guests with a comfortable and classy atmosphere. Regardless of the number of people you want to invite to your bachelorette party on a boat, Dubriani will ensure your proper safety.

Plan a themed bachelorette party on a luxurious yacht with Dubriani to magically say goodbye to your single life.

Planning a themed bachelorette party is an amazing way to welcome the charms of your married life. Ensure to be as creative as you can when picking a theme for your party. A theme can add more fun and colours to your bachelorette bash and make it an unforgettable day of your life. When picking a theme for your party, prefer the likes and dislikes of the bride. For example, if the bride likes Disney, you can arrange a mermaid theme to make her feel special.

  • Flamingo Theme
  • Beach Theme
  • Nautical Theme
  • Blue Theme
  • Mermaid Theme
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Things to consider having a Bachelorette Party of Your Dream

If you’re planning a bachelorette party on a luxurious yacht, you need to consider the following things to make it more memorable.
  • Define your Expectations
Define your expectations and aspirations before planning a bachelorette boat party. Sit down, take enough time and discuss your expectations with your group. If you’re planning a surprise bachelorette bash for your friend, consider his/her likes and dislikes to make the event successful.
  • Define your Budget
Budgeting is the most significant component of having the bachelorette party of your dreams. Set your budget to determine what class of yacht to rent, what food menu to add, and what kind of decoration will be perfect for your event.
  • Decide the Food Menu
A bachelorette party is incomplete without a great-tasting food menu and drinks. You can hire a private yacht chef and a bartender to prepare mouth-watering dishes and signature cocktails.
  • Plan Activities
You can plan fun activities to make your bachelorette party a day full of laughs and memories. For example, Dubriani can suggest creative and fun activities such as fishing, singing, and photography to have more fun with your friends.
  • Make a Packing List

You must have a thorough packing list before shipping off from the docks. The list should include;

Towels / Sunglasses / Sunscreen / Dry Bag / Bathing Suits / Bride’s Clothing

Get a well-organized event on a yacht

We offer all-inclusive, fair, and transparent services. Most of our luxury yachts charge one set hourly rate.
Hidden fees don’t exist, and no additional fee is taken by our crew.

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Why Should You Choose Dubriani for your Bachelorette Party on a Yacht?

Being one of the more trusted and leading boat rentals in Dubai, Dubriani always puts the satisfaction of its customers higher than anything else. We at Dubriani offer a complete array of services to make your bachelorette bash more delightful and memorable. Our bachelorette party yacht packages include;
  • Delicious Food Menu
We at Dubriani have skilled chefs to prepare your favourite dishes. Dubriani’s expert chefs will handle everything on their own according to your preferences and desires. Our chefs are capable of developing and preparing a customized food menu tailored to the aspirations of your guests.
  • Live Entertainment
We at Dubriani have a professional DJ and a reliable sound system to add more colours to your bachelorette bash.
  • Health and Safety Guidelines
Dubriani implements all safety standards to ensure your and your guests’ good well-being and safety. Our luxurious yachts are equipped with everything, including a first aid box and safety jackets to tackle emergencies.
  • Affordable Rental Price
We at Dubriani offer customized and cost-friendly bachelorette party yacht packages that suit everyone’s budget. Our affordable yacht party packages include an array of services such as transportation, a sound system, an unlimited supply of water, and many more.

Frequently Ask Questions

Yes, dubriani is the only yacht charter company in Dubai which has a lady captain and crew! (please contact us for availability)

The cost of Dubriani’s chartered yachts for a bachelorette bash may vary based on your chosen package.

We at Dubriani have skilled chefs to provide you with your preferred meals. Dubriani’s chefs are capable of planning and preparing a customized food menu.

Yes, we can arrange different type of decorations depending on your requirements.

We love organizing events on yachts and have alot of experience in this area. Nothing is impossible for us and our team always makes sure every event is going to be memorable. Contact us today to discuss your next event!

Other Services

Catering Services

BBQ Catering or Fine dining on a yacht? We work with the best chefs who love to Barbeque and famous private chefs which prepare the most delicious food there is. For a full 5 star restaurant feeling on a yacht!

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DJ Services

How to create the best vibe on the yacht? one simple answer: A DJ

Rest assured we work with alot of DJ’s and we love to book one for your event


Do you have something to celebrate? We love parties and do our best to create the best atmosphere!